Curious Items

Custom Made Magic Wands & other curious items

The Woodshed Wizard specialises in custom made magic wands, and other curious items!

Take a look below at the customisable options

Custom Made Magic Wands & other curious items

Trinket Boxes

These curious items are styled as a vintage book. Upon a shelf, it seems very unassuming.

However, open it up and treasures can be found!

Which makes this trinket book is the perfect place to keep your secrets safe.

Get in touch with the Wizard to order your custom box:


Monster Book Box

Open if you dare!

These monster book boxes are very much an ‘open at your own risk’ item!

Perfect for keeping your little monster’s secrets safe.

Dice Towers

Keep your dice games fair and square (or tower shaped if you like!)

Gamers LOVE my handy dice towers for the perfect roll.

It’s great for keeping your dice from falling off tables, or rolling under the couch, or getting picked up by your familiars and baby Normies alike!

Mimic Chest

It’s common knowledge in the magical world that Normies fear monsters.

When actually, we know that they are quite tame, if you know how to calm it!

Take this Mimic for example, it can assume the form of either a monster, or an ordinary treasure chest.

But which is it?

Open only if you dare!